Rich countries, like Canada and the United States, are hoarding COVID-19 vaccines, as well as blocking access for other countries to produce their own. 20% of the world’s population living in the 50 least wealthy countries have received less than 2% of the global vaccine supply. The TRIPS waiver, a proposal put forward and supported by most countries in the Global South, seeks to waive intellectual property rights for COVID-19 vaccines, medications, and diagnostics.

The goal? free the vaccines from patents and allow countries all over the world to produce them to end the pandemic everywhere.

Support Fairy Creek

CJTO members paid a visit to Jagmeet Singh’s press conference in Davenport. We asked Jagmeet to commit to a moratorium on ALL old-growth logging in British Columbia. Instead, he side-stepped the question, and would not commit to the protection of all old-growth forests in the province. While his commitment of $500 million dollars to support Old Growth is a step-up from the Liberals, it ignores demands raised by elders like Bill Jones and Indigenous youth land protectors calling for a moratorium on all old-growth logging. He stated that the decision was to be left to Indigenous communities there, ignoring the fact that Bill Jones has been calling for land defenders to show up and defend old-growth forests.