Blog Submissions

Do you have an idea for an op-ed on climate justice organizing in a pandemic? Thoughts on an event or action you attended or helped organize? Knowledge or skills you think your comrades might find useful? Poems about environmental justice or short stories about the communities made at what feels like the end of the world?

The CJTO blog aims to create space in our growing movement for written reflection, and in depth conversations in the hopes of building community and engaging political education & debate. This is a space for CJTO members and our comrades to share thoughts on anything broadly related to climate justice and its attendant relations & struggles. We prioritize pieces that focus on local issues, organizing, community building while still incorporating a global perspective.

What we are looking for:


Opinion Pieces


Policy Reviews

Report/Event/Book Reviews


Short Stories


Personal Essays

Art & Cartoons

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to with “CJTO Blog” in the subject line (and if you’re in our Slack, you can also head over to the #digi-writing channel and ask questions there!).