This podcast will cover a wide range of issues connected to Climate Justice, everything from how to get involved, to climate anxiety and solidarities across movements. Our goal is to engage Climate Justice Radio listeners in the co-creation of the climate justice movement that is playful, accessible and intersectional. We’ll be highlighting local stories of organizing, art making and community building.


Divestment Generation Mini Series – Episode 3 Climate Justice Radio

Divestment Generation Episode 3 Show NotesThis is Episode 3 of the “Divestment Generation” mini series, a five episode series exploring the 9 year campaign to win fossil fuel divestment at the University of Toronto! In Episode 3, creators and co-hosts Amanda Harvey-Sánchez and Julia DaSilva speak with “Third Gen” divestment organizers – those who were involved in the campaign from 2016 until 2019, ending around the start of the pandemic. Our “Third Gen” guests are Aniket, Evelyn, and Kristine. In our song segment, CJTO member Rebecca and participants from CJTO’s September 2022 Orientation lead you in the fifth and sixth verses of a special adaptation of the movement song  “Which Side Are You On?”, originally by Pete Seeger. Stay tuned for further episodes in the “Divestment Generation” mini series to learn the rest of the song! This mini series emerges from Amanda’s doctoral research with CJTO, a two-year ethnographic community-based participatory research project tentatively entitled “Actualizing Everything: Affective Activism, Effective Politics, and the Future of Climate Justice Organizing in Canada”. Cite as: Harvey-Sánchez, A. & DaSilva, J. (2023). “Divestment Generation Mini Series, Third Generation (Ep.3)”. Climate Justice Toronto. EPISODE RESOURCESUofT Fossil Fuel Divestment Timeline Divestment and Beyond, Briarpatch Magazine Article (by Amanda Harvey-Sánchez & Sydney Lang) Discovering University Worlds This Changes Everything (by Naomi Klein)The Leap ManifestoSONGAdaptation of “Which Side Are You On?” by Pete Seeger LYRICSDoes it weigh on you at all? [High]Does it weigh on you at all? [Low](x 2)Corporations raised you upbut we can make you fallThey picked a war with all of usdoes it weigh on you at all?SOCIAL MEDIA & CONTACT INFO Amanda Harvey-Sánchez: Twitter, Instagram, emailJulia DaSilva: julia.dasilva713@gmail.comClimate Justice Toronto (CJTO): Instagram, Twitter CJUofT (formerly LeapUofT): Facebook, Twitter, Instagram 2185 Art Collective: InstagramCREDITSEditing: Amanda Harvey-Sánchez and Stefan Hegerat Original Music: Stefan HegeratHosts: Amanda Harvey-Sánchez and Julia DaSilvaGuests: Aniket, Evelyn, and KristineSingalong: Rebecca and participants at CJTO’s September 2022 Orientation Producer: Climate Justice Toronto
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