This podcast will cover a wide range of issues connected to Climate Justice, everything from how to get involved, to climate anxiety and solidarities across movements. Our goal is to engage Climate Justice Radio listeners in the co-creation of the climate justice movement that is playful, accessible and intersectional. We’ll be highlighting local stories of organizing, art making and community building.


Episode 3 – COVID-19 and Schools Climate Justice Radio

How has COVID-19 affected educators’ teaching practices and students’ learning and wellbeing? In this episode, CJTO member Brook interviews educator Alexis Fawn and two students, Savi Gellatly-Ladd & Chloe Lederman on how their school experience has been affected by the pandemic, and what they would like to see in the transition back to school. Temp check segment by Brook & educator Anna Osterberg and sing-along to the movement song “May the Life I Lead” with Brook, Savi Gellatly-Ladd & Chloe Lederman. This episode was 1st aired on CJRU’s Radio Everywhere program, which works in “collaboration with community organizations to produce pieces that showcase the work they’re doing, and to provide a platform for them to tell their own stories”. More on CJRU here EPISODE RESOURCESLand Story ToolkitBrook’s land story visual Alexis’s interview on Vegan VanguardAlexis’s articles on teaching during COVIDSafe September COVID in the ClassroomPaulo Freire Pedagogy of the Oppressed Alexis: & @alexisfawnSavi: @yellowpeach.esChloe: @themamagrass and EP TEMP CHECKCensure: @censureutorontoCBC restricting reporters’ coverage of Palestine articleHuman Rights Watch Report on Palestine CJTO's instagram post in solidarity with PalestineSupport Palestinian Medical ReliefSupport Medical Aid for PalestinePeople’s Vaccine Alliance Letter to Trudeau Free the Vaccine CollectiveColombia Go Fund MeEncampment Support Network (ESN): Patreon, instagram and twitter @esn_toIfNotNow’s version of “May the Life I Lead” CLIMATE JUSTICE TORONTO This podcast is brought to you by Climate Justice Toronto: a youth-led collective building an irresistible movement to confront the climate crisis by addressing its root causes: capitalism, colonialism & white supremacy. Find us at  CREDITSEditing: Brook & Stefan HegeratOriginal Music: Stefan HegeratInterviewees: Alexis Fawn, Savi Gellatly-Ladd & Chloe LedermanHost: BrookTemp Check: Brook & Anna OsterbergSingalong: Brook, Chloe Lederman & Savi Gellatly-LaddProducer: Climate Justice Toronto
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